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Evgeny Fedorov — Press Release

44500 Max
Documentary film,

Max Perttula was only 7 years old when he first created his own cold cream. Now, 27 years later he runs his own cosmetics business in Viitasaari and is prepared to take the world by storm with his products.
The first and only Finnish perfumer Max Perttula
has always had a dream: to run a cosmetics business of his own with a product range of world famous, self-made perfumes and cosmetics of high repute. Max created his first cold cream 7 years old and while his mates were playing football, Max sat at the library studying ins and outs of cosmetics, scents, chemistry and dermatology. Year 2005, 32 years old Max got his dream became true and he got started with his business Max Joacim Cosmetics.
Internet communities round the world consider Max Perttula as phenomenon, a cult gestalt. His home page and especially the Maxsession section including self-made music videos has aroused mainly ridicule and laugh but also admiration and absolute enthusiasm. There has been even doubts of Max being a fully fictional character. On his web site ”Renaissance Max” has among other things told about his skills related to music, fine art, literature and astrology, and about Viitasaari and his intentions of creating world famous luxury perfumes.
Max does everything himself starting from production development involving even packaging and graphic design. Ten years he has been training his scent memory and currently he is able to recognize over thousand fragrances. His assortment includes for example ”44500” (Viitasaari’s postcode) which is a perfume dedicated to his home town.
Max promotes his products with his own image and personality. His dream is not limited into cosmetics business but comprises even other areas of life such as music business. As a matter of fact Max beholds a contract of recording a pop album. Max’s dream does not only deal with business but pretensions of gaining respect and legitimating a way of existence for his own deviant personality and world view against the reigning idea: ”Your world is a delusion if others don’t see it”.
The film portrays gently and humorously Max Perttula striving for his dream. For one year Max’s life will be followed closely. During this year Max starts his world conquest
with his new high quality luxury perfumes and tries his wings within music business.

Writer, director: Jari Kokko
Director of photography: Jyrki Pitkä
Sound designer: Sami Pasanen
Editor: Kimmo Kohtamäki
Music: Jevgeni Fjodorof
Executive producer: Mikko Keinonen
Produced by: Karlik Films
Premier june 2009
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